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Its goal is to develop specific recommendations for improving mental life

as well as to receive the very feedback that makes it possible to test the plausibility (or implausibility) of scientific theories

What exactly does psychological science do can be understood

Types of psychology answer the question

how does psychology work

Sections of psychology are formed on different grounds

according to the purpose of the activity

according to the subject or object of research

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Age - studies psychoemotional activity and personality formation at different stages of life from birth to death (children, adolescents, gerontopsychology). Social - studies the patterns of life of people included in social groups or communities. Differential - studies individual psychophysiological differences between people, behavioral features, individual properties of higher nervous activity.

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Isotretinoin - studies the manifestations of various disorders in the work of the brain. Clinical (medical, pathopsychology) - studies mental phenomena in terms of their relationship with diseases. Cognitive - studies the cognitive processes of the human psyche (focused on the study of feelings, memory, imagination, willpower, logical thinking). Advisory - systematizes and describes the processes of providing psychological assistance. Zoopsychology - studies not the psyche of animals in itself, but to explore th

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Accutane - develops the psychological foundations of training, education. Psycholinguistics - studies the inner world of a person who interacts with the world through speech. Applied psychology is a vast, ramified network of industries and disciplines, within which there are many subcategories related to each other and to other sciences.

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Psychocorrection: targeting the psyche in order to bring it into line with age or other norms. Psychodiagnostics: the development and application of different methods for recognizing the psychological characteristics of a particular person or group of people (testing, questionnaires). Psychotherapy: providing psychological assistance to mentally healthy people, as well as clients with personality disorders. Psychological counseling: helping mentally healthy people in difficult life situations.

Applied Science brings together fields aimed at providing practical help to people who need it. Regardless of origin, status, age, those who: Cannot or cannot communicate with others, establish social ties. Is planning or building his own business. Is in constant conflict with others or with himself.
Experiencing a difficult life situation. Feels like a relationship with a partner is on the verge of breaking up. Concerned about the behavior of teenage children. Experiencing constant apathy, loss of strength, aggression, irritability. Suffers from panic attacks, phobias, fears. Cannot cope with his bad habits. He wants to choose a profession or is thinking about changing his profession.
The first systematic course in psychology was created by the German psychiatrist Emil Kalperin in 1883. Since then, many schools and concepts have formed within psychological science that try to explain certain mental phenomena.
The most popular concept known outside of psychological science. It is named after the founder - Sigmund Freud, who was the first to divide three levels of mental life: consciousness (Ego or I), preconsciousness (super-I), unconscious (It or libido). Gradually, psychoanalysis was enriched with new ideas, theories, psychoanalytic concepts. The idea of ​​finding the meaning of life is based on the idea of accutane psychiatrist Viktor Frankl. In this regard, the category of the meaning of life is contrasted with the eternal search for pleasure, which was promoted by Freud.

It arose thanks to the efforts of German psychologists Max Wertheimer, Wolfgang Koeler, Kurt Koffka as an attempt to build a psychological theory by analogy with physicoy. The term "gestalt" itself denotes integral formations of consciousness, and the principle of integrity is considered the main explanatory principle of gestalt psychology.

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Transpersonal techniques focus on unusual states of consciousness - intuition, meditative trance, hypnosis, mediumship. The founder of the direction and the inventor of the main technique for "immersion in oneself" (holotropic breathing) - S. Grof.


The name of the direction is translated as "interaction" - "social interaction". The purpose of the direction is to study the laws of interaction: harmonious, positive, disharmonious, conflict. The founder of the interactive concept is George Mead, and the popularizer is Eric Berne.


Almost all methods of psychology can be combined into two groups: Empirical. Based on collection, fixation, interpretation of facts. They use methods of mathematical statistics that allow working with large amounts of data and building patterns. Experimental. They are based on modeling situations of interaction between the person and the environment, where the necessary psychological reactions could be observed.


These are the so-called social experiments (Stanford Prison Experiment, M. Sheriff's Cave of Robbers, Stanley Milgram's Obedience Experiment).

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The main object of psychological research is human psychology, therefore, science uses the same research methods that can be applied in everyday life:

Testing - the study, identification, assessment of certain psychological qualities after passing specially prepared tests. Biographical research is a way in which a person's life path is studied, diagnosed, corrected, and predicted.

A survey is a short-term written or oral test with pre-formulated questions that helps to assess and identify individual psychological differences, skills, abilities.

As a rule, in order to provide the psychologist with the most accurate and comprehensive psychological portrait of the interlocutor, the methods are combined for each specific case. For example, when applying for a job, tests and interviews can be used.

In a psychotherapy session, the psychologist can use observation and experiment, and the client can offer to do his homework - to observe himself.

To recognize, but not to succumb to the manipulation of others. To develop your memory, thinking, creativity voluntarily, and not because "it is so accepted." To understand why the old relationship fell apart, build buthigh, but more durable. To learn to understand your children or parents, regardless of the age difference. Just for yourself.
Because we live among people and we want to understand their motives, take into account the peculiarities of the psyche, predict decisions, navigate other people's characters.
Because children's grievances interfere with life, even if we do not remember them. To manage your inner resources, live life to the fullest. To motivate yourself at the right time or notice fatigue in time and relax.
To understand why it hurts somewhere inside or why "the soul hurts." To understand why some people evoke sympathy, while others - aggression or rejection.
First of all, one should not confuse isotretinoin and psychologists-practitioners. Most scientific books are written in a dry, rather difficult language with scientific terms.

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Therefore, it will be difficult to teach psychology “for yourself” from the works of Freud or Jung. But there are a lot of books on popular psychology that cannot be studied at the same time either. Therefore, first you need to ask yourself the question: what motivates me, what is most important to me?

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